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Patrick O’Dell interview – UKULA (1.28.09)

January 30, 2009

When I show up at Studio Gallery, a few people are still cleaning up after an apparent mad rush to hang Patrick O’Dell’s photographs for his solo show, To All My Friends. The painfully white room on the second floor of this College Street space contains a single strip of framed photos stretching the full length of opposite walls, with a massive photo collage at the near end and an untended bar at the other. Most of the photos are easily recognizable from O’Dell’s Vice Magazine work and his Epicly Later’d photo blog. But photos of other photographers (presumable photo-bloggers) in the midst of shooting subjects and a number of desert landscape shots break up the customary pukers and potential injuries.

I’m told that Patrick has gone out for a smoke; that he forgot his passport and had to rush back to his apartment before boarding the plane from NYC, so he’s a little frazzled from barely making it to Toronto. After waiting around for a while I get a call from a friend who just happened to run into Patrick on the street. I decide to split and come back in a little while.

When I do finally meet up with Patrick he’s polite and friendly, but super shy. We step out onto the fire escape overlooking the alley and scope out the schoolyard basketball scene. Since he doesn’t seem all that comfortable with being interviewed, I ask him what it’s like being on the other end of the questions when he’s talking up skateboarders for VBS. “I’ve been doing it a long time now,” he says. “I’m older than a lot of them … I have seniority.”


Moby interview – Ukula (9.1.08)

September 3, 2008

A surprising chat with Moby reveals a love of Pantera and a few other interesting tidbits.

The Teenagers live – Ukula (2.10.08)

February 11, 2008

Deflating the Hype Balloon

words – Scott Tavener & Chris Bilton

Do you remember that scene in 24 Hour Party People when Tony Wilson (Steve Coogan) went to the Sex Pistols gig? He looked around the sparse, 42-person crowd and pointed out notables. In attendance were everyone from Ian Curtis and Peter Hook to Morrissey and Mick Hucknall. The show itself became a legend, with 70s/80s Mancunian musical luminaries citing it as a major creative impetus. The Teenagers recent Great Hall gig was nothing like that.

1976’s mythic Free Trade Hall gig properly introduced punk to a handful of would-bes, generating a bevy of reactive excitement. Conversely, the Teenagers Great Hall show came with a swarm of pre-game expectation. I mean come on, the only reason to see Paris’s premiere hipster hype-gasm was to attain I-Was-There cred, just in case they happened to live up to the blog fellatio (I know, the suspense is killing you). But did it need to cost $16.50? The last Bloc Party show was less than that and at least those dudes have earned it.

MGMT review – Ukula (11.5.07)

November 9, 2007

The mysterious MGMT sort of release their full-length debut Oracular Spectacular.

The National – Ukula (Summer)

October 23, 2007

An interview with Matt Berninger of The National
(originally published in Ukula Vol.3 No.3)

Photo by Walid Lodin

White shirts, neckties, Citibank lights, punch tables, empty tuxedos, “the unmagnificent lives of adults” — hardly the stuff of rock n’ roll. And yet within the lyrics of The National’s Matt Berninger, these commonplace images induce a compulsive tugging at the loose threads of existential meaning.

The National’s music is equally compelling, but patient. It sidles up, full of nervous energy and subtle melodies. Nothing is obvious on the first listen except for the haunting resonance of Berninger’s woody baritone, or maybe the occasional turn of phrase, a rolling drumbeat or shades of the ever-present piano.

With the same glacial confidence found in their music, The National has asserted their importance to the indie rock world. Building on the unanimously glowing reception of “their first masterpiece” Alligator in 2005, they have returned this spring with Boxer, their most accomplished effort to date, as well as an enviable stint opening for the Arcade Fire and five sold-out headlining nights at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.

How is it that this gimmick-less band, whose dynamic live show (highlighted by Berninger’s captivating and sometimes volatile presence — he is known to walk off just to clear his head and have a smoke when things get too intense) has retained the attention of both the mainstream press and the fickle blogosphere? It seems to have a lot to do with returning to day jobs from time to time just to keep in touch with normality. Not very rock n’ roll indeed. (more…)

Virgin Festival (Day Two) – Ukula (9.13.07)

September 16, 2007


Day Two on the island for Toronto’s V-Fest.

Billy Corgan photo by Walid Lodin.

Virgin Festival (Day One) – Ukula (9.12.07)

September 13, 2007


My account of a whole day of V-festivities, dominated by Björk‘s mind-blowing finale.

Photo of Björk by Walid Lodin.

The Raw Shark Texts – Ukula (6.29.07)

July 4, 2007


Trying to make sense of Steven Hall’s stunning debut novel The Raw Shark Texts, a Jaws-inspired narrative about conceptual fish.

Klaxons interview – Ukula (5.1.07)

May 1, 2007


An interview with UK’s anti-nu-ravers the Klaxons.