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Jaap Scheeren – Slash Magazine (Spring 2008)

March 28, 2008


The spring issue of Slash Magazine is out now, featuring an interview with Lewis freaking Lapham and my piece on Dutch photographer Jaap Scheeren. Slash is also now available in a free online edition.


Team Macho – Slash Magazine (Winter 2007)

December 19, 2007


The new Slash Magazine features a piece on Toronto’s five-headed illustration machine Team Macho by yours truly. On newsstands around the world (except for Canada…selah).

Pictures of You – / Magazine (Fall ’05)

December 10, 2006

Another piece for / Magazine.

As I walk through the Louvre, the sheer volume of artistic works astounds me. My oft-sounded complaint that we will never possibly comprehend the mass of works created in our own time grows faint in the even greater presence of such magnificent works. I take my time, spending as much of my attention on whatever interests me, knowing that all I will really get out of this is what I put into it. Around hour two of being bludgeoned by art, a fellow traveler stops me in my tracks with his own method of experiencing the history of art culture. He is crouched over, eyes fixed on the pixilated screen of a digital camera, intent on filming every inch of canvas for later downloading. I am positive that such an exercise will prove to do three things:
1. ensure that the videographer would have no specific memory of ever being in the Louvre
2. exhibit the poor quality of his filming skills
3. become another useless artifact, existing only as proof that he was there – never undergoing a second viewing


Third Eye Exercises – / Magazine (Jun ’05)

December 10, 2006

This is the first piece I did for / Magazine (the magazine for the extra-observant) from Savannah, GA.

Ok, I was given a small sample of what was only described to me as “hey, I found a new drug”. The instructions were a little more complicated than usual: use a butane lighter because you have to keep the embers hot, and smoke it through a pipe, you won’t need much, but do it all. And so I set off with a taste of Salvia Divinorum to entertain my senses. (more…)