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G20 coverage compedium – Eye Weekly (6.29.10)

July 6, 2010

Here is a compendium of my dispatches from within the inconvenient nightmare that was the Toronto G20 Summit:

G20: never forget – my final words after the weekend we never wanted..

Diary of a protest – what I encountered on the streets of Toronto during Saturday’s protests.

Super Sunday – in which things seem better, for a very brief period.

Choose your own G20 – a flow chart to help our readers decide if bearing witness is really worth it.

Meet: The G20 – a foreshadowy primer on what to expect.


Follow the PATH – Eye Weekly (3.17.10)

April 4, 2010

The Municipal Affairs Desk goes underground and stays there for the better part of a day as we explore Toronto’s PATH.

Fix the TTC – Eye Weekly (2.17.10)

March 2, 2010

Why the TTC should get liquored up: what Toronto’s transit system could learn about customer service from the LCBO. A cover story for EYE WEEKLY in conjunction with Ed Keenan’s Mau Mau-ing the Track Slackers.

Democratic Revolution – Eye Weekly (2.4.10)

February 7, 2010

A cover story on the options for improving democracy in Toronto municipal politics: Time for a Democratic Revolution.

Blitzkrieged Bop – Eye Weekly (12.8.09)

December 22, 2009

With confirmation that Toronto’s home of heavy music, The Big Bop, will be closing in 2010, Fucked Up’s Damaian “Pink Eyes” Abraham and the venue’s manager talk about all-aged shows, crust punk passion and the state of Queen and Bathurst.

Ad Hawk Activism – Eye Weekly (10.7.09)

October 21, 2009

Rami Tabello has won a lot of battles in his guerrilla war against illegal billboards — and, soon, city hall will have his back

Riding with Rami Tabello when he’s on illegal-billboard patrol is a harrowing adventure. Acceleration comes in brief, block-long bursts. Equilibrium-shifting U-turns are a regular occurrence. No gap in traffic seems too tight for him to squeeze his red Mini through. No amount of honking deters him from creeping through an intersection in order to observe the distances between two rooftop signs, and his four-way flashers get heavy use.

He drives like a man on a crusade, and behaves like one too: an anti-hero operating above the law to bring down the companies who have covered Toronto in illegitimate advertising.

Stick Tabello in a City Hall committee room, surrounded by councillors, billboard lobbyists, concerned citizens and public-space advocates and he’s less brazen, but equally driven. Normally clad in a black leather jacket and button-down shirt, which add to the crisp GQ stylishness of his perpetually shaved head, Tabello looks, if not out of place, a little too intense for something like a public consultation.

Still, there’s a reason the city’s licensing and standards chair, Howard Moscoe, considers Tabello a public hero, and why he occasionally defers to him during meetings about billboards. That’s because for two and a half years, Tabello has been doing, in his spare time and at his own expense, what a whole city department gets paid to take care of — and he’s been doing it better.

Vs the Mayor – Eye Weekly (5.4.09)

May 15, 2009

The Municipal Affairs desk checks in with the “rising right” at city hall and ponders a mayoral regime change in “For the War but Against the Troops.”

Open Source Government – EYE (3.25.09)

April 19, 2009

The Municipal Affairs Desk explores how governments can provide better services for a fraction of the cost.

Conventional Leadership – Eye Weekly (3.11.09)

March 31, 2009

Fear and Loathing at the Ontario NDP leadership convention.

The Ungentrifiable Intersection – EYE (2.19.09)

February 27, 2009

The Municipal Affairs Desk explores the idea of Queen and Bathurst as an unintentional model of inclusive planning.