Brandi Disterheft review – Eye Weekly (5.17.07)


Brandi Disterheft’s first release as a leader, Debut, is a striking summary of her vast talents. An intelligent and varied record, Debut sees Disterheft working in myriad settings through nine of her own compositions. With long-time partner-in-rhythm Sly Juhas on drums and regular tenor-man Chris Gale in tow, she breathes new life into the jazz album with concise and engaging arrangements, each showcasing different sidemen. The late-’50s-era Wayne Shorter melodies of “Dandy Dangle” and “Sixty Dollar Train” provide a striking contrast to the Gale-Disterheft-Juhas trio’s psychic mood-swinging on “Typhoon the 27th Floor.” Disterheft digs in for some fine four-string wrestling during her own solo on the Mingus-esque tribute “Duke’s Dead,” and rounding out the groupings are two piano trios commanded by Adrean Farrugia’s flurry of soloing and even a couple of vocal ballads. This rising star is now the centre of her own solar system.

Originally published in EYE WEEKLY (5.17.07).


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